Claims Form

    Note: Pictures of damage/defect are required with all warranty item claims. Manufacture defects only. Slight stain variance is NOT considered a warranty item. Warping of doors off face frames less than 3/8” is NOT considered for warranty. Warranty items must be listed on this form and submitted within 30 days along with pictures for verification.

    • All Missing Cabinet Claims & External Damages Must Be Reported To The Driver on Day Of Delivery

    • All Missing Cabinetry Parts (Hinges / Shelves / Etc) Must Be Claimed Prior To Assembly

    • All Damage Claims Must Be Made Prior To ANY INSTALLATION Attempts. Any Install Attempts or Additional Damages Made To The Cabinet Will Result In The Claim To Be DENIED, no exceptions.

    • Prior to cabinetry assembly, please be sure to check all cabinet parts for cracks, damages, bumps, warps, and other potential cabinetry damages.

    It is recommended take all cabinet Parts out of the box onto a smooth soft surface prior to assembly to inspect everything before put in the cabinets together. FOR UNASSEMBLED CABINETS: ALL MISSING / DAMAGED ITEMS MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO CABINET ASSEMBLY.

    • Clients must take photos of all damaged claims before continuing with assembly to guarantee factory replacement.

    It is best to take a photo of the damaged item from different angles, with different zooms identifying the cabinet damage. Taking a photo of the cabinet part with the original box will make claims quickly and headache free.

    • A single screw or any assembly attempt will void damage claim


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